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Personal Finance

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Team for anyone interested in living frugally, simply or just wants to lose weight with friends! Come join us! We will support each other along this journey.
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Members:  10755
Founded:  12/31/2007
For all those who want to lose weight/get in shape/fight chronic disease withOUT spending a lot of money. Also: Negotiating living in big, expensive cities and STILL staying healthy, fit and vital!
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Members:  8381
Founded:  8/24/2006
For anyone trying to eat healthy on a budget, or who just loves finding great deals!
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Members:  7204
Founded:  3/10/2007
Join others in starting a debt free diet. Whip your finances in shape as we share money saving tips and strategies that have worked.
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Members:  4960
Founded:  7/24/2006
Are you struggling with debt along with weight? This is a place to be free of those struggles, to connect with others experiencing similar issues with money and together achieve a debt free life.
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Members:  4501
Founded:  10/1/2007
For anyone looking for motivation to save money/reduce debt. See message board in Other Groups Forum by the same name for more info - happy savings!
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Members:  3528
Founded:  7/24/2006
This spark team is for Dave Ramsey fans and those interested in learning more about Dave Ramsey and his principles to live a debt free life. We believe that, "Debt is Dumb, and Cash is King."
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Members:  1444
Founded:  2/19/2007
All things financial; budgeting, credit, loans, stocks, bonds, mutual funds, 401k, relationship between money and lifestyle, weight loss and fitness
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Members:  986
Founded:  7/17/2007
WELCOME ! This group features discussions and tips relating to "Kitchen Table Finance", Topics can include savings, budgeting, debt, taxes and investing.
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Members:  439
Founded:  10/31/2006
Bargain hunter junkies from BabyCenter
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Members:  370
Founded:  1/8/2007
Debt FREE living CAN be a reality - join us to find out how and to be challenged to get out of debt - and stay out of debt!
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Members:  358
Founded:  3/23/2010
Monthy "no spend" challenges alert!!! How much can you save this month by only spending on the things you need???
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Members:  189
Founded:  2/8/2010
When the weekly paycheck barely covers the bills and you want to save money. Together we can share tips, present challenges and stay afloat.
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Members:  146
Founded:  4/9/2010
This team specifically puts biblical principals into action concerning finances. "We remember it is the Lord God who gives power to get wealth." We'll develop our portfolios on the rock of faith.
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Members:  92
Founded:  3/31/2010
A place where we can discuss our finance's and our goal's on building financial stability for our families." KEEP IT SAMPLE" is our motto here.
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Members:  87
Founded:  3/25/2010
Physically and Financially Fit If you join this team, you're making a choice to save money while you lose weight. At the end, you will enjoy the money you saved and reward yourself for your hard work.
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Members:  56
Founded:  1/1/2011
Keep your life free from love of money, and be content with what you have; for He has said, "I will never fail you nor forsake you." Hebrews 13:5
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Members:  12
Founded:  12/4/2012
Building a lifestyle that is both positive and sustainable based on principles of balance and consistency. Progress, not perfection!
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Members:  11
Founded:  1/5/2013
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